Our History

Who is Gallo Telecom?

Gallo Telecom is a veteran owned business with offices in Plymouth Massachusetts and Bristol Connecticut.


Dennis C. Gallo is the CEO of Gallo Telecom LLC., Connecticut and is a four-year veteran of the United States NAVY where he served as an aviation electrician. He is also a former Bell System (SNET) technician of 26 years. Gallo Telecom of Bristol Connecticut has been servicing LUCENT/AVAYA Business Telephone systems since 1996.


Dean C. Gallo in the Plymouth Massachusetts office is an eight-year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard. Dean Gallo has served as an electronics technician with technical expertise in UFH/VHF communications and RAYTHEON RADAR systems. Gallo Telecom of Plymouth has been engaged in serving South Eastern Massachusetts for more than 19 years.


Let our experience speak for itself, Let our dedication to our mission ring through to our customers, as we commit to providing timely technical support to all of our customers.